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SERVICE-REISEN is one of the largest Group Travel Wholesalers in Europe and we are the market leader in Germany.  Advising our clients and partners has been our core focus for the last 50 years. Quality, performance and partnership are the main focuses for each one of our over 170 service travel employees whose job it is to make your group travel as easy as possible.

Capitals of Western Europe

  • Cities of love, fashion and global importance
  • Tradition and lifestyle
10 days
starting from 729 €

Imperial cities of Central Europe

  • Golden Prague and Budapest, pearls of the Danube
  • See the Waltzing City of Vienna and Mozart's Salzburg
8 days
starting from 499 €

Halloween in Romania - Dracula's homeland

  • Romania: home of feared prince Dracula
  • Fantastic halloween party and visit of Dracula Castle
5 days
starting from 534 €

Que maca Barcelona –how beautiful you are!

  • Gaudi`s Masterpieces and charming Promenade
  • Dali, Miro, Picasso...
  • Old town and Avantgarde
4 days
starting from 197 €

Prague - the magic of bygone times

  • A TOP destination at any time of year
  • Magnificent castle grounds
  • Rustic beer evening and dinner on the boat
4 days
starting from 229 €

City-Country-River: Krakow and the High Tatras

  • The heart of the city: the old town with the main market and the Cloth Hall
  • Imposing St. Mary's Church - "landmark" of the city
  • Excursion to the smallest high mountain range in the world
5 days
starting from 199 €

Vienna at it's best with royal flair

  • World famous castle Schönbrunn, home of empress Sisi
  • Vienna from above: a fantastic ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel
  • Coffee break at a romantic Vienna cafe
5 days
starting from 264 €

Stockholm – Beauty on the islands

  • So many possibilities:
  • Museums, castles or a boat trip to the archipelago?
4 days
starting from 269 €

Magical Baltic States

  • Intense and unforgettable: travelling across the country
  • Something for everyone: a mix of city breaks and natural wonders
  • Picturesque old towns in Klaipeda, Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius
  • Glowing reddish-yellow sandstone in the Gauja National Park
11 days
starting from 629 €

Dublin City Trip

  • Famous hospitality, colorful doors and lots of impressions
  • Fall in love with the Irish way of life
4 days
starting from 249 €

Cruise on the famous Norwegian Coastal Route

  • Bergen – Kirkenes – Bergen, including full pension on board
  • With stopps on the Lofoten and North Cape Island
  • Maybe even in the midnight sun or under northern lights
  • 2 overnight stays in the beautiful city of Bergen
14 days
starting from 1599 €

Magical northern lights over Iceland

  • Journey to the most beautiful "light show" in the world
  • Volcanoes, geysers and breathtaking waterfalls
  • Magnificent nature and the charming capital Reykjavik
  • Island of fire and ice
5 days
starting from 529 €

Greece – Muse of the Gods

  • Bestseller: Multifaceted Greece, classic experience
  • Meteora-Monasteries, Oracle Delphi, Birthplace of Olympia
  • Lions's Gate in Mykene and Theater in Epidaurus
  • Metropolis Athens with the Acropolis
8 days
starting from 488 €

Falling in love with Paris

  • The city's highlights
  • Sightseeing from the Seine river
  • Choice from different excursion packages
4 days
starting from 145 €

Classical Rome

  • The highlights of the Eternal City
  • Contrast between modernity and history
4 days
starting from 179 €

Highlights Andalusia

  • Rondtrip in the heart of southern Spain
  • Granada, Sevilla and Cordoba
  • Sherry and Tapas
  • Coffee and Cake in a Parador
8 days
starting from 655 €

Famous quartet of cities in Flanders

  • Antwerp - more than Rubens and diamonds
  • Flanders' pearls: Ghent and Bruges
  • Canal cruise in Ghent
  • Baroque and modern Brussels
4 days
starting from 215 €

A Journey into the German Hanseatic League

  • Centuries-old history with a sniff of sea air
  • Picturesque brick architecture
7 days
starting from 619 €

Romance on Rhine and Moselle rivers

  • UNESCO World Heritage "Upper Middle Rhine Valley"
  • Unforgettable wine tasting
3 days
starting from 220 €

Best of Germany

  • A perfect symbiosis of history and modern spirit
  • Romantic and fabulous landscapes
8 days
starting from 479 €

On tour in the Black Forest: Craft meets nature

  • Roaring Triberg waterfalls
  • Living traditions in the Black Forest
4 days
starting from 275 €

Royal The Hague, Amsterdam and maritime Rotterdam

  • Royal Delft Blue
  • Rotterdam harbour experience
  • Capital city flair in Amsterdam
5 days
starting from 265 €

Best of Italy

  • Guided tours in Verona, Florence, Sorrento, Rome and Venice
  • TIP: Visit the romantic Island Capri!
10 days
starting from 549 €

Ireland, the classic

  • THE Ireland trip for all beginners
  • Dublin, the lively capital
  • NEW: Guided tour on the picturesque Ring of Kerry already included
7 days
starting from 819 €

Discover unique Swiss with Bernina and Glacier train

  • Most popular routes of Glacier and Bernina train
  • Travelling on rails over wonderful Berninapass
  • Spectacular view of "Swiss Grand Canyon"
4 days
starting from 314 €

Shakespeare's home in the heart of England

  • Three overnight stays near Cheltenham
  • Oxbridge and Shakespeare's birthplace
  • Dreamy villages in the Cotswolds
  • Impressive castles and palaces
6 days
starting from 519 €

On royal tracks through London

  • Favorite places of "her Majesty" Queen Elizabeth II
  • Historic estates with majestic splendor
  • Truly royal discoveries with our experience packages
4 days
starting from 359 €

Verona and Venice – wintry charme

  • Nativity Scenes exhibition in Arena di Verona
  • Enjoy the magical winter atmosphere in Venice
4 days
starting from 229 €