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Reformation in Europe: Prague - Luther in Germany - Zurich - 9 Tage

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03.03.2017 - 20.12.2017
ab 299 € pro Person

  • Real locations of the reformation in 3 countries
  • Innovators Hus, Luther, Zwingli - criticised and cheered

Explore the locations of the Reformation stimulated by three men in three countries from the 14th till the 16th century. The golden city of Prague offers much more than world the famous Prague castle. Are you interested in details about the reformer Jan Hus and the 1st Defenestration of Prague after his death? Do not miss a visit to the renewed exhibition at Luther's house in Lutherstadt Wittenberg – the city, where Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on a church door – and follow his footsteps around Germany. Almost simultaneously Huldrych Zwingli started his reformation attempts in Zurich, Switzerland. Find out all about the kives of these three important men in the history of the Reformation.

1. Tag: Arrival Prague
In the evening, you arrive in the metropolis Praque next to the river Moldau. First, you check in to your hotel and can amble through the city. We recommend a visit of the "Kleinseite" of Praque with its parks, pubs and restaurants in narrow alleys. Here, you can enjoy delicacies of bohemian and international cooking. You should also try the different types of beer Prague is famous for. Another way to let the day pass, is to visit the "Vystaviste" which is a pleasure ground with beer gardens, carousels and a ferris wheel.

2. Tag: Prague - Leipzig
In the morning, we recommend a guided tour through the historic city. During the tour you will get to know the myths and legends that sourround Prague. It was always a magnet for intellectual and spiritual persons like Shakespeare, Mozart, Kafka, Einstein and Jan Hus. In Prague's old town you have the possibility to visit Bethlehem Chapel where Jan Hus – the Czech reformer of the 14-15th century – preached in Czech language. Pass the ancient townhall of the 'new town' where the 1st Defenestration of Prague occoured four years after Jan Hus' death.
In the afternoon you travel to Leipzig which became wealthy due to its favourable location at important trading routes. See old merchant buildings, the Bach Monument in front of St. Thomas Church, the old stock exchange and the concert hall „Gewandhaus“. For dinner we recommend Auerbachs Keller where Martin Luther was accommodated when he visited Leipzig. Furthermore, it is famous for its appearance in one of Goethe's major works "Faust".

3. Tag: Lutherstadt Eisleben and Mansfeld
Luther was born in Eisleben and died there as well. Both places are UNESCO-World Heritage Sites. In Luther's birthplace you can get an impression of his family-life and you can visit the Luther exhibition. In his last residence you will get to know the last days before his death and see a reconstruction of his death mask. In Mansfeld you visit Luther's childhood home and see an exhibition how he grew up.

4. Tag: Lutherstadt Wittenberg
You take a trip today that goes to Lutherstadt Wittenberg – the town of reformation and as well a UNESCO-World Heritage Site. Here you can visit a lot of historical places in which reformation took place. You will pass Luther's house where he had lived with his family and also see the famous "Schlosskirche" where Luther started the protestant reformation by posting his Theses on the church door. From this moment on the Christian system had changed entirely. The Catholic Church had to accept a new form of believers. The Protestant Church was born.

5. Tag: Leipzig - Erfurt - Eisenach
You leave Leipzig and your first stop-over today will be Luther's well known spiritual home Erfurt. He attended the local university and lived there as a student. Here, he had a very spiritual experience: He survived a lightning stroke and in this moment he swore to God to become a monk. In 1505 he became member of the Augustinian monastery and in 1507 he became a priest. In the afternoon, you continue to the picturesque city of Eisenach. In 1498 Martin Luther visited the Latin-school in Eisenach to get used to the ecclesiastic words and he tried to improve his singing voice. Today the Luther house is a multimedia-based museum.

6. Tag: Eisenach - Coburg - Nuremberg
In the morning you visit the medieval Wartburg Castle on top of Eisenach. The historical fortress was the adopted home of the holy Elisabeth of Thuringia and exile home of Martin Luther. Here he translated the New Testament from Latin into the German language under the pseudonym „Junker Jörg“, so that everybody could understand the bible.
You head to Nuremberg afterwards. On the way, you have the possibility to pass Veste Coburg and Coburg Fortress. There, Martin Luther had been accommodated for several months because he didn't have the possibility to participate in the Diet of Augsburg at this time because of the Imperial ban. In Nuremberg the excommunication of Luther was renewed in 1524. One year later, it was the first German free imperial city that established the Reformation.

7. Tag: Nuremberg - Augsburg
Your journey leads you to Augsburg today. Martin Luther passed Augsburg during his return from his pilgrimage to Rome in 1511. In 1518, he had to defend his 95 Theses against Cardinal Cajetan there. He stayed at the Carmelite monastery. Today you could visit the so called 'Lutherstiege' at St. Anna.

8. Tag: Augsburg - Zurich
On your way to Zurich we recommend a stop at Constance. Jan Hus wanted to explain his points of view at the Council of Constance. In the end, he was imprisoned and murdered.
Your last stop during the Luther tour will be Zurich. A river, a lake and a lovely old town – all this is Zurich. Over 2000 years of history within smallest space can easily be discovered on foot: From stylish shopping boulevards to the cradle of the city, combined with medieval cathedrals (Fraumünster cathedral with the famous Chagall windows), idyllic alleys and yards, the banking district and one of the most beautiful train stations in Europe.
An important swiss reformer was Huldrych Zwingli who was a people's priest in the Great Minster of Zurich and moved the swiss reformation forward right there.

9. Tag: Return home
After an interesting journey through the middle ages and the reformation in Europe you return home today.

  • accommodation incl. breakfast buffet Prague
  • accommodation incl. breakfast buffet Leipzig area
  • accommodation incl. breakfast buffet Eisenach area
  • accommodation incl. breakfast buffet Nuremberg area
  • accommodation incl. breakfast buffet Augsburg area
  • accommodation incl. breakfast buffet Zurich area
  • Good SRG-Midrange Hotel or better
  • room with shower or bathtub/WC
  • admission Luther's birth and death house in Eisleben
  • admission Luther's family house in Mansfeld
  • admission Luther's house in Wittenberg
  • admission Augustinian monastery incl. exhibition and Luther's room
  • admission Wartburg Castle in Eisenach and 1 hr visit
  • admission Luther house in Eisenach
  • City Tax

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  • 2 hrs guided city tour by foot Nuremberg from
    155 €
  • 2 hrs guided city tour Erfurt from
    135 €
  • 3 hrs guided city tour Lutherstadt Wittenberg from
    185 €
  • 3 course dinner at Auerbachs Keller Leipzig
    25 €
  • 2 hrs guided city tour Leipzig from
    140 €
  • 4 hrs guided city tour Prague from
    110 €
  • 1x half board as 3-course dinner or buffet from
    16 €
  • 1,5 hrs guided city tour Constance from
    175 €
  • 2 hrs guided city tour Zurich from
    345 €

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