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How day to day business works with us


Our prices were sent to SERVICE-REISEN, what happens now?

» It's very important to offer us prices including visitor's tax. Our costumers don't pay the visitor's tax locally because this caused many problems in the past.

» As soon as the prices are entered in our system, we are able to compare them within seconds with every other hotel in your area – thus your hotel will never be "forgotten".

» We analyse, whether your prices are market-driven. If they are not, you will get feedback from us.

» Do you want to offer us multiple dates at once and increase your success? We can advertise your hotel via fax or e-mail newsletters actively. Don't hesitate to contact us!
If you develop reasons to visit off season, we can bring that to the market as well!

How do the "bookings" work?

» We offer organized group tours including hotel recommendation to our costumers.

» As soon as our costumers have accepted the offer, we will send our reservation inquiries to the hotels - thus to you!

» If you confirm the date, the group is reserved and will stay at your hotel.

What happens when the reservation is complete?

» We inform you about the number of bookings in regular time intervals.

» We coordinate the allotment together with you; that means we return rooms back to you or we inquire still more rooms - in this way there is no room "left" at the end.

» We give you payment security: Already two weeks before the journey starts, you receive 60-70 % of the total invoice.

» Furthermore you receive our hotel-voucher via e-mail or fax, according to preference. There you can see informations, like e.g. the arrival- or dinner-time.

» Also our customer receive a voucher. It is delivered to your hotel (by the driver or guide) and is the basis for the final invoice - quite simple.

What could we do, to make sure our group enjoys the stay?

» The first impression counts, so the establishment has to be addressed to both: group- and FIT guests.

» Prepare an easy-check-in for the group (e.g. with groupencounters) and minimize the annoyance for single guests.

» Make sure the hotel is accessible for both: handicapped and seniors.

» Make sure enough space is available for the group to leave and enter the hotel.

» Make sure enough safe, free-of-charge or inexpensive bus parking places are available (day and night).

» Make sure information signs are clear and in multiple languages.

» Ensure a unique experience for the guests within your hotel.

What happens, if the customer wants to have a specific hotel?

» This is a good sign because you complete some or all of the above mentioned points! But: Passed success is no guarantee for good success in the future.

» The reservation of our customer depends considerably whether you can offer rooms or not. In this case we have to check your availability at first.

»Please consider: We work very customer-orientated and dispatch our offers within 48 hours. Please send us a message as soon as possible, if it takes longer to send us an offer back. This way we can inform our costumers about the delay.

Which information does SRG need before the tour starts?

We want to inspire our guests and want to create and hold a strong relationship with our customers, therefore we demand you to inform us independantly, if...:

» there is a building site inside/next to the hotel and our customers are possibly impaired of it and/or the ride to the hotel is hindered.

» there is a group of students/pupils staying at your hotel at the same time.

» there are great celebrations/partys at the same time (as our group) in your hotel or neighborhood.

The group is back at home, what happens now?

» We get an evaluation for each tour from our customers.

» We gladly pass the customer feedback, regarding your hotel, on to you. This is to ensure that good standard remains good and less good standard becomes better.

» We pay the final invoice very fast, within 30 days after departure of the group you receive the balance.

What can we do to ensure the groups come back to us, and how can we start a long-term relationship between SRG and the hotel?

» We started our own classification for hotels last year, which are supposed to classify the hotels better than common 1-5 star classifications.

» These classifications are constantly updated through our customer ratings, hotel rating portals (for example etc.

» If we receive positive feedback we would be glad to begin a long-term partnership with you.

Additional reasons to coorperate with us

We are professionals and have got experience with coach-tour operating for 40 years. All of our partners can profit from this vast amount of experience. Our group trips are easy to deal with and are organised absolutely professionally. You get the chance to get a whole new range of guests through our groups.

Group tourism will become more and more important in near future. And we are also growing... you can´t just see it on the growing numbers, but also in form of a new building with 40 new workplaces.

Obviously we are present at all of the most important trade fairs: at the ITB in Berlin, the biggest trade fair for tourism, and also the RDA.

For many years now we have had the largest stand at the RDA, the most important fair trade for coach-tourism. Many customers book their trips directly in Cologne. Use our experience and presence and present yourself as official partner at our booth.

We are looking for agile partners who are ambitious and actively help with brand-new ideas. Place your bet on the german market leader for coach tours – Place your bet on SERVICE-REISEN Giessen!