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Change - our new company logo


When we started in 1973 coach travel was the main transportation used to get to all the great destinations within Europe. We visualized that in our company logo which shows a green map of Europe with a red street across the map. 

The coach and tourism industry since then changed in many ways and so have the products and services we offer for our clients.

Coach tours have still a great share within our portfolio but also new products like air travel, cruises and even all kinds of new product and transportation combinations.


Due to all the changes in our product portfolio and within the company it was time for a new company logo.The new logo is a combination of our tradition and the change to a modern and SERVICE focused company.

The transition:

  • the red street has been adapted and is still part of our new logo.
  • The mapof Europe transfers into a circle representing the world.
  • To underline that SERVICE is our core focus we changed it to capital letters and the word SERVICE in red.

Karl Heyne, Managing Director of SERVICE-REISEN: “Our goal was to develop a modern logo that includes elements from the traditional logo and reflects our change to a modern and SERVICE focused company”.